Founded in 1993, Kipnis Architecture + Planning (KAP) has long been recognized as one of Chicago’s premier sustainable architectural practices.  Our ability to creatively integrate great design with the highest level of sustainability is renowned nationally.

Our Mission Statement is simply ‘High Design/Low Carbon™’.  We are guided by the idea that architectural design excellence need not be sacrificed for principles of sustainability. Rather, we believe green design expands the possibilities for innovative architectural forms, construction methods and the use of materials.

We treat each project as a unique opportunity to design the physical embodiment of the owner’s vision, a carefully crafted response to the site’s context, and an energy and resource efficient building that expresses the best that we can design.  

As an early signatory and proponent of the AIA’s 2030 Commitment, we are dedicated to significantly reducing each building's CO2 emissions.  Our ultimate goal is to create a ‘net zero’ energy and ‘net zero’ carbon building that is an amazing home to enjoy life in.

Nathan Kipnis

Nathan Kipnis, FAIA, is the principal of Kipnis Architecture + Planning, recognized as one of Chicago’s premier sustainable architectural practices. The firm specializes in highly integrated sustainable designs for residential, restaurant, office and airport facilities.

Mr. Kipnis received his Master of Architecture with an emphasis in Energy Conscious Design from Arizona State University in 1985 and his Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1983.   

He currently serves on both the Chicago and National AIA’s 2030 Commitment Working Group, helping to promote the benefits of the Commitment though extensive lectures and webinars.  Mr. Kipnis was also a member of the Civil Society Institute, an environmental think tank based in Cambridge, MA.

A founding board member of Citizens’ Greener Evanston, Mr. Kipnis provided extensive pro bono work developing the concept of the Evanston offshore wind park. 

Additionally, he was one of 25 environmental ‘Giants’ in the 2016 documentary ‘Green Giants’.  Furthermore, Mr. Kipnis lectures frequently on topics related to sustainable design and renewable energy, and his opinions and projects have been extensively sought for publication.