Design Trends

In 2016 the American Institute of Architects interviewed 500 architects and asked them what the major drivers in home design in the coming decade would be. The top five items consisted of the following;
    •    Healthy Building Materials
    •    Smart Home Automation
    •    Energy Efficient Design
    •    Designing for Aging
    •    Resilient Design

What an Owner Wants

  • Quality design and construction
  • Fair and reasonable prices
  • Early price determination
  • Collective problem solving
  • Fastest project delivery
  • Minimize disputes or litigation/ease of dispute resolution

What's different with Nexthaus Alliance

  • Significant owner time savings assembling the team
  • Fast-tracking without loss of cost control
  • Better communication of design intent
  • Greater and earlier cost certainty
  • Minimize change orders
  • Facilitates use of BIM