We welcome you to our NextHaus Community, comprised of Visionary People! 

We celebrate the fact that you recognize the importance of blending beautiful living with uncompromising sustainability - and you do something about it!

While we clearly recognize and applaud the talented professionals and firms who are members of Nexthaus Alliance, and while they are visionary in their work, we feel that our clients are visionaries in life. 

If you have already enjoyed the “Nexthaus Alliance Experience,” we would love to have you share your insights with us.

Top reasons to be in our NextHaus Community:

  • Be the first to know. Things change so fast in the sustainable building/smart home space that sometimes it’s quicker and easier to share “new news” through our NextHaus Community.
  • Compare notes. Building your NextHaus home comes with many choices, from the smart technologies that manage your comfort moment to moment to selecting the perfect foundation plantings outside. While NHA is happy to make recommendations, you can also ask other NHA home owners what they’ve done.
  • Access the experts. Get answers to simple questions – direct from NHA.
  • Learn together. As our community grows, your question about those solar tiles may be the same as someone else’s. When NHA answers it for the group, everyone in our community of visionaries benefits.
  • Tap into recommendations for an expanded universe of service providers. NHA takes pride in vetting all its partner members to our own high standards of quality.
  • Receive invitations to NHA-sponsored events that showcase the latest trends in beautiful premium sustainable homes.
  • Get special notices about products and services that may also be of interest to you – from your premium electric car to your  home energy system.
  • Be wowed by the extraordinary group of premium sustainable home owners you’ve joined

We also encourage you to share your experiences with like-minded friends or colleagues who might also enjoy working with the Nexthaus Alliance for their next home project.

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