NextHaus Alliance is a team of selected premier design and build firms in Chicago committed to incorporating sustainability and resilient design into beautiful homes. We are dispelling the thought that these two terms, “sustainable” and “beautiful” are mutually exclusive.

NextHaus Alliance was formed to serve visionary home owners who desire sustainable future forward custom homes or home renovations that reflect beauty with a refined lifestyle. To best meet the high expectations of our clientele, Nathan Kipnis, founder of NextHaus Alliance, brought together his esteemed colleagues of complimentary talents, to work together, sharing sustainable education and best design build technologies, while making the world more beautiful and lasting, one home at a time.  

NextHaus Alliance is a unique group of like-minded firms, committed to making the client experience of designing and building a seamless enjoyable journey. Utilizing their “under one roof” concept, with alliance members that believe in client-centric service, we are combining beautiful living with superior environmental choices, all managed expertly by tenured professionals.

NextHaus Alliance brings an unsurpassed team together with an earned national reputation for environmental design, the finest in quality construction, thoughtful landscape architecture – respecting the planet, and the newest tested technology, ultimately providing our clients with beautiful homes that live healthy, resiliently and lasting

The NextHaus Alliance is at the forefront of the sustainable home movement. We offer the best integration of exquisite design and tangible sustainable solutions, customized to your exact needs.

+ Benefits of the NextHaus Alliance

  • Technical expertise in all areas
  • A one-stop shop for educated consumer
  • Speed and savings of a faster process
  • Design ideas shared, cutting-edge future forward applications

  • Detailed coordination in pre-construction, construction and the project’s lifetime

  • Solid lines of communication between all NextHaus Alliance members

  • Design and construction functionality, effectiveness, beauty and longevity

  • Better controls on the overall project budget and cost efficiencies

  • The final product is more imaginative and combines the best of all talents

  • A smoother more professional overall experience

+ For the client:

  • Architecture, interior design, building, landscaping and technology professionals working together on the owner’s behalf during both design pre-construction and construction.

  • Direct, solid, regular lines of communication between the all partners, from the beginning to the end of the project. More expertise and innovative ideas from start to finish.

  • Inside and out, the final project will be closest to your original vision.

  • The design process includes cost checkpoints, so the designs are consistent with your budget. Reducing the chance of last minute financial or design surprises.

  • Each Partner will add insight from the start, including prices, timing, quality, functionality, livability, healthy environments, aesthetics, technology, resiliency, sustainability and future forward living.

  • The level of sustainability will be one of no compromises, geared towards meeting your the exact needs.

  • The project has its optimum chance to be completed on budget and on schedule. Efficiencies are maximized, oversights are minimized, and timelines are enforced. You get exactly what you want with the fewest compromises in the shortest possible time. With the costs of carry (interest), material and labor increases, and cost overruns, time means serious money.

  • Alliance Partners work as a team during construction, avoiding the customer being “caught in the middle” in an adversarial position.

  • As an Alliance, the Partners work together to resolve any issues and determine between themselves the best course of action, respecting each other’s contributions and operating with professionalism and fairness.

  • The Partners all preview and pre-check the drawings to minimize problems and subsequent change orders.

  • You get experts in every area - the best talent is on the team and at the table.


Pre-Construction and Construction Design/Build Services

(that may be different from traditional projects)

NextHaus Alliance members can offer ideas and new concepts during the design phase and throughout construction helping to keep the plans less complex and more executable within the budget. It’s all about working together, communicating, and sharing expertise.



+ Services provided by the Architect

  • Pre-design concept analysis for the site – team coordinated

  • Discussion about the pros and cons of various green rating systems.

  • System-by-system design, with “looping” feedback from team

  • Design-only schematic, with team input others, and then move into design development.

  • Full 3D modeling of the entire project to help both the client and team members visualize the project and quickly observe any potential issues. Shadow analysis, design tweaks and material changes can be made in real-time.

  • Initial ‘Sustainability Needs’ review with the client and shared with the team - consisting of energy efficiency, resilient design, aging in place, home automation, and healthy interiors

  • Extensive energy modeling to help understand energy, capital and CO2 savings for the project, with instant feedback on various concepts

  • Construction input - Cooperative approval of substitutions, trouble-shooting and problem-solving

  • Design input with landscape architecture and interiors, so that the exterior captures your original vision.

  • Coordination with green related 3rd party reviewers, either for performance only or for compliance with green rating systems

+ Services provided by the Interior Designer

  • Pre-construction floor plan flow
  • Phased selections with team input
  • Input on electrical lighting layout
  • Checking design to anticipate problems
  • Schematic design and footprint cost input
  • Early kitchen and baths design requirements
  • Client interior design scope and wish-list shared with team
  • Budget guidance with regards to finishes, features and allowances
  • Interior design selections schedule to assist in maintaining the construction schedule
  • Interior design installation to compliment project completion
  • Guiding the communication process and client feedback while helping the client make healthy and eco-friendly material selections

+ Services Provided by the General Contractor

  • Costing, estimating

  • Value engineering

  • Constructibility analysis

  • Preliminary scheduling

  • Checking design to anticipate problems

  • Procuring subcontractor participation and quotes

  • Negotiation with subcontractors/vendors

  • Assisting in analyzing owner-provided information

  • Integrated sustainable best practices including construction waste management, managed forest wood use, healthy/low V.O.C. material use, etc.

+Services provided by the Landscape Architect

  • Property site evaluation review with the team
  • Drainage and storm water retention insight
  • Value engineering and phasing exteriors plans
  • Checking design to anticipate problems
  • Phase One landscape softscape and hardscape designs with budget and timeline
  • Coordination and review of civil engineering and permit guidelines with the team
  • Native landscaping, water management, green roof design and other sustainable landscaping features.
  • Hardscape and softscape installation scheduling to compliment construction schedule
  • Planning ahead for eco-friendly landscape maintenance and implementation
  • Design input with regards to footprint siting , related to topography, trees, views, solar exposures and existing site conditions
  • Initial hardscape designs including outdoor electrical, fencing, gates irrigation, out-buildings and water features. Pavers and other materials may be from local and/or recycled content materials.

+Services provided by the Technology Firm

  • Client technology scope and wish-list shared with team
  • Value engineering and installation analysis
  • Checking design to anticipate problems
  • Costing, estimating for initial overview with cutting edge technology solutions
  • Design input with regards to technology functionality and efficiency
  • Preliminary scheduling to compliment construction schedule
  • Technology installation scheduling to compliment construction schedule
  • Guiding the communication process and client feedback
  • Best sustainable practices including energy production monitoring, lighting system management, shade controls, HVAC systems controls, backup battery monitoring etc. These systems should be as future proofed as possible.